We know well, in fact, that if we betray your trust, we lose any chance of having you as a customer. Nothing is more important to us.

For this reason, we have set ourselves strict rules to guarantee you 100%:

- We do not sell or share our customers' personal information with external parties.

- We protect personal information with the best technologies.

- The most important databases are physically isolated from the outside.

- We only use personal information to execute orders and to offer the best possible service.

Below you will find all the details of our privacy policies.


Collection of personal information

Siola Srl collects information about its customers with three main tools:

- The registration form and other forms (eg questionnaires, reviews and comments on products, etc.) that customers fill out spontaneously and explicitly.

These data are in some cases necessary to execute orders, in others they are optional and are used to help us offer a more personalized service.

- The "logs" of online services, which record all navigation on the site, automatically and transparently for the user. These data are collected both for security reasons and to be able to offer targeted suggestions and proposals based on the interests of customers.

- Return data from emails and direct communications that we periodically send to registered customers.

legal reference (D. Lgsl. 196/2003)

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